LETTUCE Approximately 25,000 seeds per oz.
HEAD LETTUCE: Start seeds indoors 3-4 weeks before transplanting outdoors. Use Jiffy 7’s or a flat and inserts with a good soil substitute, like Berger BM-2. Place seeds not over 1/4″ deep. Germinate at room temperature. Head lettuce seeds
may also be sown outdoors like leaf lettuce. For nice big heads space plants 6-8″ apart. To harvest, cut head off after they form, just above roots. Use fresh. Leaf types: Plant in early spring as soon as soil can be tilled. Place seeds 1/4″ deep, 1″ apart. For a constant supply, sow lettuce every 2 weeks far as long as weather stays cool. To harvest, cut leaf lettuce, 2″ above ground. Use fresh in salads, wilted lettuce or in sandwiches. For leaf and head lettuce, you will need 1/2 oz seed per 100′ row, 30,000 plants per acre if transplanted or
1 pound of seed if direct seeded. PKT size: Simpson Elite & Summertime 1/8 oz. Rest 1/4 oz.